by Skirmantas Sukackas on April 21, 2021

Maleha is less than 1 hour away from Dubai and ~40 minutes from Sharjah.

Before you start, make sure you're ready for the run. You like it or not, but It will get hot and hard. Make sure you have 2l of water with you as well as running fuel. Sand gaiters are highly recommended, but our personal experience - not essential. You could get away with the trail shoe with dense upper like ripstop, GTX, or something similar. Most of the time, we've run with no gaiters and experienced no problem (of course it's individual thing so do your own justice). Injinji socks are great on the sand, eliminating friction.  Start your run from the car park, moving toward Fossil Rock. It's around 20min run to the bottom of the Fossil rock. You'll have multiple options once you reach the top of the climb. Our favorite:

1. Loops around Fossil rock. 1 loop ~1km. Hard and challenging, so make sure you pace yourself on the climb. This option is very convenient because the car is only 20 minutes away if you feel that you've done enough.

2. Move towards Devils plunge for around 7km through soft dunes, and run back on a dirt road. Total 16km and around 2hours of moving time.

Running on soft sand is a great way to finish your training week without a big impact on your body yet still stimulating your energy systems. For us, Fossil Rock run is the best definition of ,,bang for your buck" saying.  

As always, we recommend working with a coach for the best long-term results. We're yet to find anyone better than Coach Lee from LK running performance

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