The running movies. Our list.

by Skirmantas Sukackas on February 04, 2024

We, runners, love all things running. There are many more movies to list, but here is first 10 to watch while recovering after the session. In no particular order:


1. Without Limits

Having ran the ,,PRE" trail in Oregon, this movie was always more personal. We also had a privilege to have a track session on Hayward Field stadium, the training ground for Steve Prefontaine. PRE was amazing runner but even bigger personality with the famous quote ,,To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift" and this movie portrays his rebellious personality and life really well. A must see classic in our books. 

2. Forest Gump

There is no top 10 running movies without Forest Gump. This great classic is not about the running , but there's enough running to get your attention. For us, Forest Gump ticks all the boxes and we watched it 10+ times

3. Icarus

This Oscar-winning documentary is a must-watch when it comes to the best running movies. like it or not, but the sport has a dark side-doping, and this movie uncovers shocking revelations that go beyond athletics. A must watch

4. The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young

One of the most brutal races that only a handful of brave souls can actually try. This documentary worth attention not only because of unique race it self, but also because of race director Gary Cantrell known as Lazarus. Amazing race, amazing race director and documentary worth the time. 

5. Bannister: Everest on the Track

This documentary tells the story of Roger Bannister, who became the first runner in history to break four minutes in the mile. Till today, his accomplishment is often referred in many conversations and many of us can only dream breaking 4 minutes mile. 

6. Desert Runners

A documentary about a group of non-professional runners that attempt to complete 4 Deserts, a series of races often considered the most difficult in the world. Their journeys take them through some of the world’s most beautiful places while pushing the limits of their minds and bodies. It provides a look into the mindset of endurance athletes, and the ways in which humans deal with both heartbreak and achievement.

7. Breaking2 Nike Documentary

Eliud Kipchoge attempts to run a sub 2hour marathon. 55-minute documentary about the event also called Breaking2 was produced in partnership with National Geographic. We will watch all documentaries with Eliud. 

8. Spirit of the Marathon

The magical distance of marathon. The film chronicles the journey six marathon runners experience while training and competing in the 2005 Chicago Marathon. The highs and the lows of this life changing experience. 

9. The infinite Race

A documentary based upon the reclusive Tarahumara tribe in Mexico, in what has become known as the greatest race the world has never seen.

10. A Mile an Hour

We really like everything Beau Miles does. We like his different perspective to all tings. A Mile an Hour -a different kind of marathon; running one lap an hour, for 24hrs, around perfectly mile long block. The rest of the time Beau does as much as possible; making things, odd jobs, fixing stuff. It's about running, doing, and thinking. 

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